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Blue-collar new norm America: Dadio's handy manual to break workers' spirit - Cutthroat Networking

10 July 2013

Blue-collar new norm America: Dadio's handy manual to break workers' spirit - Cutthroat Networking

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Dignity and empathy in the work place for all practical purposes, has become a social crime. If the worker is lucky enough is to behave like a prostitute who sells their body for time worked. Working hard in hopes of a merit pay increase is futile. Working hard and fair is an altruism now reserved for dreamy-eyed, "perpetual optimist," foot soldiers that hope their good deeds will be remembered if the economy ever gets better - save your story for the Chinese, suckers. We now live in a "new norm" culture where if you are lucky enough to have a job, it is probably non-benefit; with no pay increases in the foreseeable future; less hours; minimum wage; seven-day a week work-weeks at four hours a day wrecking the whole week for 28 hours of pay; and, fraught with nepotism and "cutthroat networking."

Cutthroat networking pushes human resource departments to the limit by the hiring of friends and relatives or working for the same. Human Resources (another lovely obfuscated title no less) has just become a validation for behavior they once were set up to try to correct long before the "new normal" and its "cutthroat networking" has wafted onto the scene. Cutthroat networking is the favoring of relatives and friends – with Human Resource’s blessings. And what of it? Human Resource departments have been decimated by the economy too. They go along to get along - just like the rest of us. 

    A few years ago a trend started in some companies where as they would commission Human Resources to actually concoct various schemes to reward current employees for referring friends and relatives to job openings. It smacks of the roots to a creepy inbreed work culture. The phrase, "conflict of interest" means nothing in this new norm work hell.

We work in a cutthroat networking culture of, "every man for himself." Hire your drinking and smoking buddies, and relatives, and what the hell, fuck the rest of 'em. It is going to get worse for the rabble - us rabble. You know, the rabble that actually has to work in the looted society managed by the elite manipulators and apologists - perennial politicians, two-party paradigm hacks, economic ponzi goons, and thugs.

The fragile and rocky fair playing field groomed after World War II has been laid to waist by a hillbilly oligarchy, so to speak.  Got no experience; got no education; no matter..., cousin Billy's second wife's sister needs a job.  Hire Judy from accounting's 20 year old son.  We can get him for a song.  Screw the old bastards with the college degrees and long work history. 

Cutthroat network yourself a job, unemployed/underemployed, disillusioned, "new norm" Joe-blow.

Cutthroat network a job, or perish. 

Note: This blog "Blue-collar new norm America: Dadio's handy manual to break workers' spirit" - book version Category is a work in progress. These original vignettes are being edited for book form. Go to the Cooldadiomedia Web site and the Broken Spirit Page for an ordered chronology of the book vignettes (chapters

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