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Blue-collar new norm America: Dadio's handy manual to break workers' spirit - Temporary workers by systemic coercion

24 July 2013

Blue-collar new norm America: Dadio's handy manual to break workers' spirit - Temporary workers by systemic coercion

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    Temporary workers by systemic coercion 

    Here's the skinny.  American workers actually do crappy jobs..., for a bit anyway.  The many employers make the environment so miserable, the workers get physically sick, tired, discouraged, and just start missing days.  They last about a year.  Thereby, employers never have to worry much about pay increases, should they even offer them anyway.  

    You want to talk about the tricks to make work miserable?  Do you dare me? Can you handle it? Here we go..., spontaneous and unpredictable weekly hours; both night and day hours for any given employee; no performance reviews; no lunch; no breaks; no vacation; no sick time; and, damn sure..., no vacation time.  And maybe devastating of all..., no hope. 

    So those aforementioned Americans quit or get fired and move to the next new norm American work place. If, they can even find one.  It makes the rubric seem as though indeed, Americans won't do certain jobs.  

    Management does not even hide their lack of shame. Not long ago, I overheard a manager say, "Why don't we get some Mexicans, they will tough this formula out better than Wisconsin workers."   

    Wow, there it is.  I am guessing this is a universal opinion that permeates a lot of management these days.  Just a hunch.  

    So what does that really mean?  Here's another skinny.  Employers make the work place so miserable only desperate people trying  to save their families and start a new life, "may risk" enduring the aforementioned poor conditions.  Desperate people like say..., illegal aliens?   

    Ergo, "Americans won't do this type of work; but, immigrants seem to do it."  Nice, neat, tidy, little circle, don't you agree?  Banal collective genius on the part of employers and management. 

    You see, the myth is that "the job and the work" is sacred, perfect, and godly. We are Americans; we guide the world with our lofty work ethics.  The work, the jobs, and we, are anything but lofty and ethical. The population at large is led by media and politicians, to only focus on the workers.  The myth is also that the workers are the problem. This false premise, this false alternative, quickly leads to a spurious conclusion.  The rotten work environment and rubric, the new and often not-so-new, pathetic American workplace paradigm is lost in the fog of cheap rhetoric. The real outcome for workers is cruel, heartless, and down right mean spirited..., for native born Americans, new Americans citizens, and illegal aliens. But because of clever analysis and down right horse manure, the truth remains hiding in plain sight.  

    Buffoons control the message. 

    If pundits, pontificators, and politicians had ever actually worked a real job, ever had to actually shower after work instead of before work, or even dared interview a real worker, the spurious absurdities would hit them in the face like projectile vomit.  


Note: This blog "Blue-collar new norm America: Dadio's handy manual to break workers' spirit" - book version Category is a work in progress. These original vignettes are being edited for book form. Go to the Cooldadiomedia Web site and the Broken Spirit Page for an ordered chronology of the book vignettes (chapters).

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